Fee Scales

The anaesthetists who work at the Fitzwilliam Hospital may not be members of the BUPA Consultant Partnership or of any other insurance partner scheme and as independent specialists decide their own fees.


If you require precise details of the anaesthetic fees for your operation please contact your anaesthetist using the email links provided. The anaesthetist will need to know the operation code(s) that the surgeon intends to use. These may be obtained from the Fizwilliam Hospital or from the Surgeon's secretary.

Some insurance policies may not cover the full amount of the fee and it is important that you check your policy documentation to confirm the extent to which you are covered. In the event that the policy benefit does not meet the full amount there will be a shortfall and the patient will be liable for this payment.

If, after reading this you remain unsure, you are encouraged to discuss any concerns with your anaesthetist before the date of your operation or at the time of your anaesthetic assessment on the day of surgery.

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